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Companies prioritize employee safety in the work place, initiating programs to achieve “zero lost days” due to injury. High visibility, reflective clothing dramatically  increases the success of  “be seen, be safe “ programs, with a wide variety of branded work wear ensuring the safety of your team.

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Tough. Durable. Comfortable. Make a favourable first impression with branded workwear that distinguishes your employees as professional representatives of your company.  One size does not fit all with our retail inspired workwear, offering a wide variety of styles and sizes customized to suit any job.

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Awareness of hazards in the work place is vital to employers, ensuring that everyone is operating under safe conditions. Give your workforce the tools they require to get the job done safely. Branded hard hats, work gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection, are just a few of the items that lets your employees know they are valued and their safety is a priority.


We have you covered.


We make every attempt to bring you cost effective solutions and competitive pricing at every level of your buying experience. When required, we create pre-production samples at a preferred cost, giving you the opportunity to view the final product prior to full production. 

Please advise your sales rep when requesting samples if you prefer to be billed for freight or if you wish to use your own courier account. Billable samples are on loan from our suppliers for a period of 3 weeks and if returned within this time frame will be credited against the invoice. We cannot overstate that the product MUST be returned in good condition, in the original packaging and with all suppliers tags attached. 

 Samples not returned for credit within this time frame will be the financial responsibility of the client and will be invoiced at a sample price cost.